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***SO...THAT / SUCH...THAT / TOO / ENOUGH*** (B&W+KEY included)
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**TOO or ENOUGH** (B&W+KEY included)
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Level: intermediate
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Too ... - not ....enough              Adjectives.
 1. I'm not tall anough to go on the rollercoaster with you.
2. It's not fast enough! I hate this car!
3. Fiuu!! These stairs are too high.
4. Luckily, I'm strong enough to carry it.
5. It's too dark out here, let's go inside.
Where's the adjective? (Word order)
Write the adjective or --- if the space should be blankChoose adjectives from the list: 
short - dry - old - tall - fashionable - cold - early - small - cold
1. My sister is  enough  to drive a car. She's 22.
2. I won't go swimming today, it's  too
3. I need a pair of bigger shoes, these are  too
4. Help your sister set the table. She's not  enough  to reach the dishes in the cupboard.
5. It's  too  to go to the cinema, let's have a cup of coffee first.
6. Winter in Brazil is not  enough  to produce snow.
7. In the Atacama desert it's  too  for roses to grow.
8. That skirt is  too , you should wear a longer one.
- But Grandma!!!I like this one. The others are not  enough   





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