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Question Tags

Put in the correct question tags.

1.����� He sometimes reads the newspaper,�����������������..?

2.����� You are Indian, �����������������..?

3.����� Peggy didn't use the pencil, �����������������..?

4.����� Mary has answered the teacher's question, �������������?

5.����� The boy is from Turkey, �����������������..?

6.����� Sue wasn't listening, �����������������..?

7.����� Andrew isn't sleeping, �������������������..?

8.����� Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow, ����������������?

9.����� He's been to Texas,������������������..?

10.Dogs like meat, ������������������..?

11.There are some apples left, ������������������..?

12.I'm late, ������������������..? ���

13.Let's go, ������������������..?

14.Don't smoke, ������������������..?

15.He does sing in the bathroom, ������������������..?

16.He'll never know, ������������������..?

17.I think, he's from India, ������������������..?

18.Lovely day today, ������������������..?

19.She is collecting stickers, ������������������..?

20.We often watch TV in the afternoon, ������������������..?

21.You have cleaned your bike, ������������������..?

22.John and Max don't like Maths, ������������������..?

23.Peter played handball yesterday, ������������������..?

24.They are going home from school, ������������������..?

25.Mary didn't do her homework last Monday, �����������������?

26.He could have bought a new car, ������������������..?

27.Kevin will come tonight, ������������������..?

28.I'm clever, ������������������..?

1.����� You're coming to the party, ___?
a. aren't you
b. isn't you
c. shouldn't you

2.����� It wasn't very difficult, ___?
a. wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. was it

3.����� Tom is getting something for Sue, ___?
a. wasn't he
b. isn't he
c. was he

4.����� It won't be anything expensive, ___?
a. won't it
b. isn't it
c. will it

5.����� There's some milk in the refrigerator, ___?
a. isn't there
b. isn't it
c. wasn't it

6.����� We don't need to go to the store today, ___?
a. don't we
b. do I
c. do we

7.����� Susan can bring some food, ___?
a. won't she
b. will she
c. can't she

8.����� The party starts at eight o'clock, ___?
a. isn't it
b. doesn't it
c. does it

9.����� The movie was very long, ___?
a. isn't it
b. wasn't it
c. was it

10.There's a dictionary on the shelf, ___?
a. isn't it
b. isn't there
c. aren't there

11.There's a lot of noise outside, ___?
a. aren't there
b. isn't there
c. is there

12.Mrs. Smith is sick, ___?
a. isn't she
b. is she
c. wasn't she

13.The dishes are dirty, ___?
a. weren't they
b. isn't they
c. aren't they

14.Steven won't be at the party, ___?
a. won't he
b. isn't he
c. will he

15.The math test was very difficult, ___?
a. wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. weren't they

16.We can go tomorrow, ___?
a. won't we
b. can we
c. can't we

17.I'm early, ___?
a. isn't I
b. aren't I
c. are I

18.This shirt is too big for me, ___?
a. isn't it
b. doesn't it
c. does it

19.Emily plays the piano well, ___?
a. isn't it
b. does she
c. doesn't she

20.Your neighbors went on vacation, ___?
a. isn't they
b. didn't they
c. aren't they