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They´re vs. Their vs. There

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They're vs. Their vs. There
Use the definitions below to help you answer the questions.
THEY'RE = they are
THEIR = belongs to a group
THERE = a location or place
1.   going to the beach this afternoon.  
2. My cousins and  parents are going to Disneyland for vacation. 
3. I put my homework in that basket , I told my teacher. 
4 & 5. After dinner  going to pack  suitcases. 
6. "The Christmas tree goes over ."  Mom told dad.
7. I see my friends playing in the park with  dog. 
8. I cannot walk , because it is too far.  I will ride the bus to the theater instead. 
9, 10, & 11.  going to ride the rollercoaster, so they got on line and waited  until it was  turn.
12. Mr. & Mrs. Friends want to sail around the world,  planning on leaving once the storm stops. 
13.Samuel and Frank play together on the swings over  after lunch every day.
14. Samantha and Caroline bring  younger brother to school.
15. they are =
***HINT = There are 15 answers. 5 are they're, 5 are there, and 5 are their***