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Relative Pronouns - Which or Who

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Fill in the blanks with "who" or�"which".
1. That's the man �I love.
2. That's the book �I read.
3. She's the teacher �teaches English.
4. Ankara �is located in Anatolia is the capital city of Turkey.
5. Katy Perry �is American is a popular singer.
6. Ferrari �is very expensive is the fastest car in the world.
7. Mt. Everest �is in Himalayas is the highest mountain in the world.
8. The Netbook �I want to but is small.
9. Anna Kournikova �is Russian is a famous tennis player.
10. Koalas �live on bamboo trees are the laziest animals.
11. I like rock music �is very fast.
12. Jane likes ice-cream �is strawberry flavored.
13. Jeremy �is American speaks English very fast.
14. Romeo and Juliet is in old English is hard to read.
15. The boy �has glasses is�Susan's brother.