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Relative Pronouns - Which or Who

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Fill in the blanks with "who" or "which".
1. That's the man  I love.
2. That's the book  I read.
3. She's the teacher  teaches English.
4. Ankara  is located in Anatolia is the capital city of Turkey.
5. Katy Perry  is American is a popular singer.
6. Ferrari  is very expensive is the fastest car in the world.
7. Mt. Everest  is in Himalayas is the highest mountain in the world.
8. The Netbook  I want to but is small.
9. Anna Kournikova  is Russian is a famous tennis player.
10. Koalas  live on bamboo trees are the laziest animals.
11. I like rock music  is very fast.
12. Jane likes ice-cream  is strawberry flavored.
13. Jeremy  is American speaks English very fast.
14. Romeo and Juliet  is in old English is hard to read.
15. The boy  has glasses is Susan's brother.