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What did you do yesterday?

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What did you do yesterday?

A. Complete the past of the following verbs.
1. study                                  16. go     
2. clean                                  17. pay   
3. iron                                    18. bring  
4. watch                                19. take  
5. listen                                20. think  
6. wash                                 21. be       
7. cook                                  22. break
8. use                                    23. speak 
9. enjoy                                24. see    
10. visit                                25. sit      
11. Want                               26. cut    
12. like                                 27. give   
13. look                                28. fly     
14. accept                            29. write 
15. ask                                 30. come 
B.  Use the verbs in past from part A to complete this paragraph.
Carlos and Vanessa are my friends. They  (be) born in Costa Rica. He  (grow) up in Palmares. She is originally from San Ramón.  Last year, they  (live) in San José. They  (study) at UCR. Vanessa  (want) to be a detective. Carlos  (dream) to be a pilot. He  (like) to cook pizza. In 200, Vanessa  (go) to Europe. She  many gifts for her family. Also, she  many souvenirs, like two watches, four soccer t-shirts, and a black cap. Vanessa  (meet) many new friends. She  (travel) for 3 weeks. Finally, I  (invite) them to come to my home. We  (watched) some movies. We  (listen) romatic music. We  (enjoy) spending time together, because we  (have) a great time.
C. Read the following sentences and re-write them into past.
1. She washes my car.
2. Andres doesn't come early.
3. They write three books.
4. Diego buys a new cellphone.
5. I always wake up at 8.
6. Maga doesn't read any book.
7. Romario plays for Barça.
8. Costa Rica doesn't have an army.
9. Lorena is happy with the new teacher.
10. Jose breaks his arm.
Greeting from Costa Rica