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Past Simple (was, were inter alia)

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Write -was- or -were-.
1.���� I �in Moscow.
2.��� You �in Samara.
3.��� We �in the shop.
4.��� He �at school.
5.��� She �at home.
6.��� They �on the street
7.��� It �great.
8.��� Mary �happy.
9.��� Tom �sad.
10. Mary and Tom �friends.
Write the past tense of the verbs in brackets.
1.���� I �(speak) English to him.
2.��� You �(write) a nice letter.
3.��� She �(steal) an apple.
4.��� We �(see) him in Riga.
5.��� I �(ride) my bike.
6.��� They �(hide) in the wood.
7.��� The bird �(fly) into the open window.
8.��� They �(eat) all the candies.
9.��� We �(sing) a song.
10. We �(draw) a nice garden.