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1. Read the comments from two exchange students. Who is having a better time, Tiffany or Hans?

Hi. I`m Tiffany and I`m an exchange student here in Costa Rica. The country, the people, the food - I just love everything here. The food is so different from back home, but it`s really good. I love all the different kinds of fruit. I`m learning so much about the culture. It`s so different from reading about places in a book. My Spanish is getting better too. And my family here is amazing. I love all my brothers and sisters. It`s great to be an exchange student. It`s a wonderful experience and a cool way to make great friends.

My name is Hans, and I`m a German exchange student here in Melrose. My American life is different from my German life. In Germany I live in Hamburg. It.s a really big city. It.s noisy, but there are always lots of things to do. Melrose is a small town, only about -12,000 people. I think everybody here knows me. Small towns are nice during the day, but at night time it`s really quiet. I like my host family a lot. They`re very nice to me, and the kids at school are great too. It`s just that there`s nothing to do at night.

2. Check� the information Tiffany and Hans talk about.


a) The name of the host country:����������
�� Tiffany��������������Hans����
b) Food:����������������������������������������������
�� Tiffany�������������� Hans����

c) The name of the host city or town:����

�� Tiffany���������� ���Hans�����

d) The host family:�������������������������������

��� Tiffany�� �����������Hans��������������

e) Language skills:��������������������������������

��� Tiffany�� ����������Hans�����

f) Problems:����������������������������������������

�� Tiffany��� ����������Hans���� �

g) Teachers at host school:�������������������

�� Tiffany��������������Hans�����

h) The name of his or her hometown:������

�� Tiffany��� ��������� Hans�����