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Koalas: No Tree .... No Me

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Watch a National Geographic video about koalas and tick the correct answers. More than one can be correct.

1)     How are koalas described?

     They are always asleep.

    They resemble toys.

     They are loved all over the country.

    They look very strange.

     They destroy forests.

2)     Why are the forests destroyed? Because …..

    The land is needed for agriculture.

     More and more roads and houses are built.

     The koala population is growing rapidly.

    More and more people move to these areas.

     Koalas cannot be moved to zoos.

3)     Where does Ms Deborah Tabart work?

     National Koala Act

     Australian Koala Foundation

     Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

     Australian Forestry Agency

4)     How much of the original koala habitat has been destroyed in the last 200 years?





5)     What effect would the National Koala Act have?

     No more eucalyptus trees would be cut down.

     Land owners would be forced to plant eucalyptus trees on their farms.

     The clearing of forests would be controlled.

     Australians would have a vision of the future.

6)     How much money do koalas “make” every year?

     USD 750 million

    USD 75 million

     USD 7.5 million

     USD 34 million

7)     How many koalas are there in Australia now?

    10 million

     1 million






Choose the correct words to complete the following facts about koalas.


1. Some people refer to koalas as koala bears’ but they are not bears at all. They are . There are two of koala: the northern (adustus) and the southern (victor)


2. The koala is one of the only animals which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus . They are extremely to most animals. Koalas eat 1 to 1.5 pounds of leaves per day.

Koalas dont normally have to drink water. They usually get enough from leaves. The word koala is thought to mean 'no drink' in the Aboriginal language.


3. A newborn koala is only the size of a and is known as a ‘joey’. Soon after the baby is born, it crawls into its mother's , where it remains for about 6 months.


4. Koalas are mostly active (nocturnal animals). They live in complex social groups and between 18 and 22 hours each day. Koalas live about 10-15 years. Threats to koalas include destruction, cars and dogs.