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LINGUISTIC DILEMMA - word formation

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Try practising your word formation skills in this easy task
where you only have to choose from the two offered words.
  • An athlete who is liked by many people is
  • I have to  for the trip quickly because I'm leaving in ten minutes.
  • It would really be  not to tell your teacher the whole story.
  • I can't believe I'm broke again - my money just seems to  all the time!
  • Lying and gossiping is bound to make you  eventually.
  • I have to  my clothes from the trip, wash the dirty items and put the rest back in my closet.
  • The only  thing to do is to admit you broke the mirror.
  • I love it when the sun begins to  over the horizon at dawn.
  • Everyone is humming his new song, so I guess it's becoming  fast.
  • You should  the extension cord into a neat coil before you put it away - it saves space.
  • I was certainly  to hear you passed the exam.
  • You may not agree with my theory, but you cannot  it in any way.
  • As you  the string, the kite gets to fly higher.
  • Losing that bet really  me.
  • I am trying to  that I am good enough for this job.
  • You should  the furniture with sheets before you paint the room.

Now try using the acquired skill to fill in the blanks in the following sentences
with the correct word form.
  • The wedding got more media  (COVER) than either the bride or the groom expected. 
  • The prosecutor managed to  (PROVE) all of the theories the defence offered.
  • He was so  (PLEASE) with her progress in her piano lessons that he was planning a brief concert soon.
  • You really should  (WIND) the safety rope a bit more if you want to move further.
  • He was definitely the most  (POPULAR) person in the office and it was hard to get any of his colleagues to work on a project with him.
  • The  (APPEAR) of the boy troubled the whole town and nobody would rest till he was found.
  • He hated  (PACK), because it reminded him he was about to stay home for a while, and all he ever wanted to do is travel.
  • Her secret was finally  (COVER) and her face was all over the media.