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So, Neither

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"So do I." - "Neither (nor) do I."
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Age: 11-17
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Pronouns of Agreement: So, Too, Either and Neither
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either/neither so/too
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So do I / Neither do I - Grammar ws for Upper Elementary and Lower Intermediate sts.
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Agreeing or disagreeing. So do I/Neither do I
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
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(Too/either)- (So....I/neither.... ..I)
Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 563



Agreement: So + auxiliary verb + subject (with positive sentences)
e.g. I am a student. So, am I.
Neither + auxiliary verb + subject (with negative sentences)
e.g. I am not a doctor. Neither, am I.
Complete the following with the correct form of agreement.
  1. I like milk. .
  2. I can't drive a bus. .
  3. Iam a good student. .
  4. I ate pizza yesterday. .
  5. I have got a lot of friends. .
  6. Ididn't go to the zoolast month. .
  7. Idon't like oranges. .
  8. I have forgotten to call Peter. .
  9. Ihaven't spoken to John yet. .
  10. I will paint the house. .
Complete the following with the correct form of agreement using the words given.
e.g. I like pizza. (Jane) > So, does Jane.
  1. I can play tennis. (Jerry) .
  2. I love chocolate. (my brother) .
  3. I am tall. (my friends).
  4. I haven't done my homework. (Sue) .
  5. I don't like loud music. (my neighbour) .
  6. I wrote a letter. (Teddy) .
  7. I have tidied my bedroom. (Peter) .
  8. Mary and Tom are good students. (Susan) .
  9. Mat and George haven't arrived yet. (Kate) .
  10. We can't speak Italian. (our friends) .
  11. My aunt read a book. (my uncle) .
  12. I don't have a computer. (Betty) .
  13. Tim rode his bike yesterday. (Jim) .
  14. My father didn't wash the car. (my mother) .
  15. Sophie is very clever. (her children) .