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Motherīs Day

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I. Read the story.
(1)May is a special month for all mothers all around the world because in May we celebrate Mother's Day.
II. When do we celebrate Mother's Day?            
In  .
(2)Hello! My name is Luis. I'm from Mexico. In Mexico,Mother's Day is celebrated on May 10th but in other countries like United States it is the second Sunday of May.
(3)Let me tell you what is it. Mother's Day is a day we say thank you to our mother, we think about all the work our mothers do, we think about the love our mother gives us.
III.Write some words to complete the sentences. Use 1,2 or 3 words.
1. The boy's name is   .
2. In Mexico,      is celebrated on May 10th.                  
3. Mother's Day is a day we  to  our mum.
(4)One Mother's Day, I planned a surprise for mum. I wanted her to rest this day because she works a lot. Mum is a nurse. She loves helping sick people.
IV. Read and choose the correct words.          
1.Luis  a surprise for his mum.
2. Luis wanted his mum to  this day.                                              
3.Luis' mother is a
(5)First, I talked to Dad. I asked him to help me preparing a special tacos as lunch for mum. My dad cooked the meat and cut the onions. I bought the tortillas and tomato with chilli sauce. I prepared the "guacamole" (avocado sauce).
(6)Then, we made a chocolate cake because it is my mother's favourite. My dad read the recipe and I mixed everything together and I poured into the pan.When it was ready, I decorated it with chantilly cream.
(7)Next, Dad and I set the table. I put out the napkins and dad put out the plates. Lunch was ready!
V. Read and choose.                                                                   
1. Luis and his dad prepared spaghetti.      True         False      
2.They made a chocolate cake.                  True         False
3. Luis put out the plates.                          True         False
(8)Suddenly, we heard mum's car. It was mum. Dad and I waited for her in front of the door. My mum opened the door and we shouted "surprise!" Mum smile at us. "Thank you!" said mum. My dad gave mum a bouquet of red roses and I gave her a card I made in my English class.
(9)Then, we had lunch together. My mum ate 3 tacos, dad ate 5 tacos and I ate 2 tacos. Then we ate slices of chocolate cake. It was delicious. My mum was very surprised about the lunch. "Thank you!" she said. My dad kissed her and gave her a present.I hugged them. "Thank you mummy for everything you do for us" I said.
VI.Read and answer.                              
1. Where did they wait for mum?
2. What did dad give to mum?
3. How many tacos did Luis eat?
(10)Finally, we went to the cinema. Most of the time my dad and I choose the movie we will see but this time my mum chose the movie she wanted to see because it was a special day for her. Wow! "This is a really nice day" she said.
VIII. Choose the best title for this story.
Mother's Day          A special lunch for mum              A surprise for mum