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Healthy Foods

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                                                 Healthy foods are nutritious and natural. 
            They do not contain artificial additives, colours or sweeteners.
                            "The best foods have no ingredient list."
 . Click on the foods that are good for our health.

 . Match the food to the description.
      1. Contains calcium, which helps to build strong teeth and bones.
      2. It has lots of sugar and few nutrients.
      3. It has many nutrients but it also has lots of sugar and fat.
      4. Contains potassium and vitamins.
      5. It helps the body to fight intestine and yeast infections because of its live culture of acidophilus.
      6. Although made from potatoes, they are deep fried and contain a lot of salt and fat.
      7. It is an exceptional source of vitamin C.
      8. Contains too much sugar and not enough vitamins and minerals

 . Find some healthy food in the wordsearch.  





 Carrot Cereal  
 Egg    Kiwi    Milk
  Nuts  Orange  Salad
 Tomato Whole grain bread     Yogurt

                                                                                                                                        by Anna P