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Age: 12-17
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Basic Questions

01. Formulate the questions for the next answers:
It's Marge Simpson.
I'm from the U.S. I'm American.
I'm 35 years old
Yes, I am. I'm 20.
It's Simpson
It's M-A-R-G-E
No, I'm not. I'm single.
It's 2346.0066
It's 209, Hommer Simpson's Street, house 32.
02. Check the correct answers:
What's your name?
 My name is Mary Jane
 It's J-A-N-E
 It's M-A-R-Y
Where are you from?
 I'm Brazil
 It's Brazil
 I'm from Brazil. I'm Brazilian
How old are you?
 It's 32.
 I'm 32.
 I have 32 years.
Are you married?
 No, I am not. I'm French
 No, I'm not. I'm 20.
 No, I'm not. I'm single.
What's your e-mail?
 It's J-A-N-E
What's your address?
 It's 2874.3345
 I'm 34
 It's 340, Oscar Freire Street.
What's your zip code?
 It's 03303-000
 It's 2346.0066
 It's 44