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Reading Comprehension - collections

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A)  Read the text:

Danny is twelve years old. He lives in a village near Montargis in France. He has got a small family but many pets. He has got a big house
and a big garden so that there is enough place for all the animals. On top of that, everyone in the family likes to collect things. His father,
David, has got a collection of toy cars. He loves his toy cars. Some of them are ancient. His mother, Jennifer, has got a collection of kitchen
utensils. She has got old microwaves, old kettles and many other small things that people usually throw away. His brother, Jonah, has got a
collection of SpongeBob figures. He loves Bob Sponge and he collects every SpongeBob figure that he can find. Danny, himself collects
things too. He has got a collection of pens. He has got fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and many others. He has also got
ancient dip pens which are very expensive. So everyone in the family collects something different, but the whole of the family collects
animals! They have got many animals: dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, squirrels, fish and even a donkey and a horse! Their
house is big enough to have all these animals and they love them. They have got a house like a zoo, it is magnificent!
B)  Fill in the correct words:
1. Whose family is small but has many pets?
2. Danny  a big house and a big garden.
3. David  a toy collection.
4. His mother  a kitchen utensils collection.
5. His brother  a SpongeBob Squarepants figure collection.
C)  Whose collection is it?
1. Toy Cars : (a) Danny    (b) Jennifer     (c) Jonah     (d) David
2. Kitchen utensils : (a) Danny    (b) Jennifer    (c) Jonah     (d) David
3. SpongeBob Squarepants figures : (a) Danny   (b) Jennifer   (c) Jonah  (d) David
4. Pens : (a) Danny   (b) Jennifer    (c) Jonah   (d) David
5. Animals and pets : (a) Danny     (b) Jennifer   (c) The whole family    (d) David  
D)  Grammar Practice:
1. David  (love) his cars.
2. Jennifer  (collect) kitchen utensils.
3. Jonah  (collect) BobSponge Squarepants figures.
4. Danny  (have) a collection of pens.
5. The family  (have) many animals.
6. They  (have) a house like a zoo.
7. Their house  (be) big enough for everyone.
E)  Find the words in the word search:
collection ; pen ; animal ; toy ; car ; expensive ; figure ; kitchen ; utensils ; fountain ; ballpoint ; rollerball ; kettle ; microwave