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Articles A or An

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                             DEFINITE ARTICLE  

   The definite article is used...

before singular and plural nouns when the noun is specific or particular

to refer to something that has already been mentioned or that is clear from the context or situation. 

My neighbour bough a new car. The car is red.
"Where's the bus stop?"
in sentences or clauses where we identify a particular person or object.
The man who stole dad's watch was caught.
to refer to unique objects.
the sun     the moon     the stars
before musical instruments (but not before sports).                    
 My sister plays the piano and my brother plays tennis.
before some geographical nouns - rivers, mountain ranges, island groups (archipelagos), lake groups, rivers, deserts, seas (but not before continents, countries, towns, lakes, islands, mountains and volcanoes)
The Amazon is the greatest river in the world.
Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes..
before the names of most hotels, museums, cinemas, theatres and newspapers, but not before names of streets.
        The Sheraton is a very good hotel.
before the superlative form.
        The highest building in the world is in Dubai.
before ordinal numbers.
          The first baby tooth is starting to come out.
                              INDEFINITE ARTICLE  


   The indefinite artice is used...

with singular countable nouns.
to refer to something for the first time.
I saw an octopus at the Aquarium.
to refer to a particular member of a group.
Tom is a lawyer.
meaning one person or object.
I'd like a cup of tea, please.
before hundreds, thousands and millions.
My grandma gave me a hundred dollars.
when we don't specify the person or thing we are refering to.
I saw a squirrel this morning.
When we talk about something for the first time.
Maureen has a new cat. The cat is brown.

  We use "a" before words beginning with a consonant.

  a boat    a car    a pencil

We also use "a" before "u" and "eu" when they sound like "you" 

 a uniform, a university, a European


  We use "an" before words beginning with a vowel.

an apple      an elephant      an insect

We also use "an" before an "h" mute.

an hour

. Write the correct form of the indefinite article.  Use "a" or "an".












 icecream cone





   . Choose the correct form and write the number under the appropriate picture.
1. Bill and his dad are flying  kite.  kite is blue.
2.  man wearing  purple suit is playing  guitar.
3.  children are making  snowman.
4.  beach ball is always round.
5.  crayon is red.
6. Dad bought  new car.   car is red.
7. Soccer players must wear  uniform.
8.  octopus has eight tentacles.

                                ZERO ARTICLE  
  The term ZERO ARTICLE is used when definite or indefinite articles are not used. Articles are not used with:
          uncountable nouns    -    water, rice, juice...
        plural countable nouns when the reference is indefinite     -     Mum likes roses.
        proper names    -    Bill, Mary, Susan...  (but the Jones, the Smiths...)
        countries     -     Brazil, Portugal, China...   (but the United Kingdom, the United States, the Hague...)
        sports     -     tennis, soccer...
        towns and principal buildings    -  Rochester, Winchester Cathedral...
        names of places and institutions    -    Washington Square, Harvard University, Victoria Station...
        names of days, months, seasons and holidays    -     Tuesday, October, spring, Christmas...
        pubs and restaurants ending in 's     -     Bob's, Joe & Leo's, Elaine's...
        places when we do not mean the places themselves but the purpose they are used for  -    
                                        Henry went to school in Ohio State (purpose: to study)
                                        Mrs. Smith went to the school to meet with her son's teacher (school = actual place)
        means of transport     -   Dad goes to work by car.
        common expressions of time and place     -   I go to school at noon.
. Choose the correct option - The, A, An or X (Zero Article)
 1. My mum likes  tea but my dad likes  coffee.
 2. Grandma grows  roses.  I love  roses in her garden.
 3. My brother likes to eat pancakes for  breakfast.
 4. Dr. Smith has a cabin in  Adirondacks near  Lake Placid.
 5. I'd love to go surfing in  Hawaii.
 6. Dad listens to  radio in his car.
 7.  Nile is the longest river of the world.
 8.  women like  sales.
 9. Our friends,  Smiths, are going to  Disneyworld.
 10.  Lampis Island is in  Merchi archipelago in  Myanmar.
 11.  Victoria is  English teacher.
 12. My uncle has already been to  Rocky Mountains.
                                                                                                                                     by Anna Pessoa





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