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Daily Routine - Reading Comprehension

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A day in the life of...

1 - Read the text and write the verbs in the correct form.

Hi! My name is Lucy. This is my daily routine on weekdays.
I �(get up) at half past seven and I �(have) breakfast with my parents and my younger sister Paula. I �(like) cereals but my sister �(like) bacon and eggs. My parents �(eat) coffee and toast.
We �(go) to school by bus, but my father �(go) by train. My mother �(work) at home, she �(be) a journalist.
We �(have) lunch at school, because in the afternoons we �(do) activities: I �(sing) in the choir and �(play) basketball, my sister �(go) to art class and �(play) badmington.
After school we �(go) home and my mother �(help) us with the homework. We also �(help) at home, I �(clean) the rooms and my sister �(wash) the dishes.
In the evenings we �(watch) TV, �(play) games and �(talk) about our day. My sister and I �(go) to bed at nine o'clock.
On weekends we �(get up) later, around nine o'clock. We �(play) outdoors games, in the park or our garden. Then we �(visit) our grandmother, I �(like) her very much! She �(make) us cakes and we �(play) all afternoon with our cousins. It's great fun!
2 - Choose the correct answer.
On weekdays, Lucy gets up at...
seven o'clock.
eight o'clock.
half past seven.
She likes to eat...
bacon and eggs.
coffee and toast.
She goes to school...
by car
by train.
by bus.
She has lunch...
at school.
at home.
at a restaurant.
In the afternoons, Lucy...
has lessons.
plays football and reads.
plays basketball and sings in the choir.
Her sister...
has music lessons.
plays tennis.
plays badmington.
Lucy and her sister do the homework...
with their father.
with their mother.
In the evenings they...
watch TV.
go out.
listen to music.
In the weekens, Lucy and her family...
go out for dinner.
visit friends.
visit the grandmother.
Grandmother likes to...
play with them.
make them cakes.
watch TV.