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Comprehension "The Lion And The Mouse"

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The Lion and the Mouse

One day a lion was taking a walk. He walked into the net.

       “Help!” he yelled. “I can’t get out”.


A fat little mouse came running along.

       She cried. “I’ll help you!”


       “Oh!” said the lion. “How can you help? You are

       too little”.

“I can help! You’ll see,” she said. And she began biting the net into small bits.


When the lion got out, he smiled. He said, “You may be the little mouse. But you’re a big help”.





Q.     What is the main idea of the story?

It’s easy to catch the lion             The mouse was fat but it could run.

       The lions likes a walk                   A little mouse can be a big help



Q.     What did the mouse do for the lion?

She ran to get help                      She sang a song for him

        She let him out of the net           She gave him some food



Q.     Why did the lion yell?

He wanted to scare the mouse   He wanted help

       He was hungry                             He didn’t like the mouse.



Q.     What did the lion think when he saw the mouse?

The mouse was fat                       The mouse was too little to help

       The mouse was sad                     The mouse did not know who to help


Fill in the blank.

1.    The rabbit is __________________ a carrot.

         riding               making             biting               painting


2.    My grandfather __________________ at the cat, “don’t eat my fish”.


         asked              picked               cried                 yelled


3.    I gave my mother a flower and she ____________________.


         yelled              smiled               worked              played


4.    Please _________________ me! I can’t open the door!

         take                smell                give                    help