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Comprehension "The Lion And The Mouse"

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The Lion and the Mouse

One day a lion was taking a walk. He walked into the net.

������ �Help!� he yelled. �I can�t get out�.

A fat little mouse came running along.

������ She cried. �I�ll help you!�

������ �Oh!� said the lion. �How can you help? You are

��� �� too little�.

�I can help! You�ll see,� she said. And she began biting the net into small bits.

When the lion got out, he smiled. He said, �You may be the little mouse. But you�re a big help�.

Q.���� What is the main idea of the story?

It�s easy to catch the lion������������ The mouse was fat but it could run.

������ The lions likes a walk������������������A little mouse can be a big help

Q.���� What did the mouse do for the lion?

She ran to get help��������������������� She sang a song for him

������� She let him out of the net���������� She gave him some food

Q.���� Why did the lion yell?

He wanted to scare the mouse�� He wanted help

������ He was hungry�������������������������� � He didn�t like the mouse.

Q.���� What did the lion think when he saw the mouse?

The mouse was fat���������������������� The mouse was too little to help

������ The mouse was sad�������������������� The mouse did not know who to help

Fill in the blank.

1. The rabbit is __________________ a carrot.

����� riding����������� making��������� �� biting����������� �� painting


2.��� My grandfather __________________ at the cat, �don�t eat my fish�.

�������� asked������������picked����������� �� cried������������� �� yelled

3.��� I gave my mother a flower and she ____________________.

����� �� yelled������� ��� smiled��������� � �� worked���������� �� played

4.��� Please _________________ me! I can�t open the door!

������ take������������� smell������������� give���������������� �� help