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                              Guess Who!
Activity 1. Take a look to the people and write the names that correspond to each description.
2. Let's learn about hair.
Short        Long          Brown       Black        Blonde      Curly       
hair          hair           hair         hair         hair          hair         
            Straight               Beard
3. NOW let's play GUESS WHO! Read the description write down the name of the ones that have that characteristic IN ORDER!!!
Write in your copybook the answers.                             
a) Who has brown hair?              d) Who has beard?
b) Who has blonde hair?             f) Who has curly hair? 
c) Who has black hair?
d) Who has Long hair?                           
e) Who has short hair?
3. Describe your classmate!!!
She is tall
He is Short
She has long straight hair
He has short brown hair