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Collective nouns + of
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�THE NOUN� - Common, Proper & Collective Nouns - ((elementary/interme diate)) - students get to practise their nouns with ((7 exercises & 47 sentences complete)) - ((B&W VERSION INCLUDED))
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Put each of the following collective nouns in its correct place in the sentence bellow, making it plural if neccesary. Some nouns must be used more than once.
flock������ herd����� bundle�������� mob������� suite����� flight��������� audience�������� swarm������ shoal���������clump� bunch������crew������ set������������� crowd�������������gang
fleet���������������� congregation������������� pack������� stack
  1. The �of the British Royal Navy was very strong in the nineteenth century.
  2. Disease reduced the farmer's �from 90 to 65 cows.
  3. She was attacked by a of wasps.
  4. A �of shouting people overturned cars, set the fire to shops and attacked the police station.
  5. The Prime Minister occupied a �of rooms at the hotel.
  6. Some spectators in the �disagreed with the referee's decision.
  7. He bought a large �of bananas.
  8. The priest was very sad to see his �getting smaller week by week.
  9. Fishing boats use modern� equipment to locate the �of fish.
  10. She lost her balance and fell down a �of steps.He was the leader of a well-known �of criminals.
  11. We sat down in the shade of a �of trees.
  12. In spring� �of birds arrive back in Britain after spending the winter in Africa.
  13. Our picnic was completely ruined by a �of ants.
  14. He gave her a �of flowers.
  15. British Airways has a �of 26 Boeing 747s.
  16. She gave a �of old clothes to a charity organization.
  17. The �applauded the new play enthusiastically.
  18. Has anyone seen a �of keys? I left them somewhere.
  19. Golf is an expensive game. You �ll need a �of clubs.
  20. The books were arranged in� a �one on the top of the other.
  21. They�ve bought a leather three-piece �- a sofa and two armchairs.
  22. Let's play a game. Who's got a �of cards?
  23. That cruise ship carries 150 passengers and a �of 85.
  24. The �of sheep was controlled by a shepherd and two dogs.
  25. For their wedding I gave them a �of cutlery ( 6 knives, 6 spoons, 6 forks, etc.)