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Camping quiz

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  1. Complete the sentences about  bad camping trip.
  2. ___I forgot the matches _________, so I couldn`t light the campfire.
  3. ___________________________________, so I couldn`t go fishing.
  4. ___________________________________, so I  couldn`t see in the dark.
  5. ___________________________________, so the mosquitoes bit me all day.
  6. ___________________________________, so I couldn`t cook dinner.
  7. ___________________________________, so I had to sleep on the ground.
  8. ___________________________________, so I got lost!
  9. ___________________________________, so I couldn`t go rock climbing.
  10. ___________________________________, so I was thirsty on my bike.
  11. ___________________________________, so I couldn`t use the canoe.


B. Rewrite these sentences:


1) Is this your first time in camping? ( ever)

Have __________________________________________________________?

2) This is the first time Tom  has gone camping. ( hasn`t)

Tom ____________________________________________________before.

3) Suzy finished the barbecue in the stove a minute ago. (just)

Suzy __________________________________________________the barbecue.

4) It’s a long time since we went to the beach together. (haven’t)

We _______________________________________with your sister for a long time.

5) Oh no! My insect repellent is at home! (left)

Oh no! I ________________________________________________at home.