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Electric devices

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1. Look at the picture and then put the numbers of  the needed electric devices in the gaps:

1. My father shaves his beard with  

2.I take pictures with  

3. My sister makes her hair dry with  

4. My friends like to watch films on  

5. The girl calls her grandmother with  

6. At math I counted with  

7. It is not possible to carry a computer, so I take  

8. My mother irons the clothes with  

9. Do you use   if you are abroad and don`t speak the language?

10. I don`t know the time, because my is broken

11. Don`t listen to such a loud music in !

12. Mike will make a film using  

2. Choose the right answer:
3. Fill in the gaps:

1.  2.3.4.

9.10. 11.12


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