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Simple past - part 1

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Part 1: the simpsons
Read about the Simpsons' family history and complete the text. Put the verbs between brackets into the simple past, but be careful: regular and irregular verb forms are mixed in these sentences!
When Homer Simpson  (be) a young boy, he  (have) a lot of hair on his head. His classmates  (not - think) he was a handsome guy, in fact they  (think) he was stupid. He  (not - study) hard at school; he  (prefer) to fool around and have fun instead of working. His dad  (not - be) very clever either: he never  (support) Homer in his life.
A few years later in high school, Homer  (meet) Marge. She  (be) an intelligent girl who  (study) hard to get good grades.
When Marge  (grow) up, she  (love) to play with her older sisters Patty and Selma. They  (be) twins and they  (help) their mother to raise little Marge. That's why she's always been such a good student. But then she  (fall) in love with Homer, who's the exact opposite. Her sisters  (not - like) Homer at all, because they  (find) he  (not - be) good enough for Marge.
After a while, Marge and Homer  (marry) each other and they  (start) a family together. They  (move) to a small house in Springfield. It  (not -take) long before Marge was pregnant. So after nine months Marge  (give) birth to a boy named Bart.
Although Bart Simpson  (look) like a cute baby, he  (turn) out a nasty kid who always  (seem) to boycot his father's intentions. He  (throw) his food away, he  (not - want) to eat vegetables and he  (puke) on his dad's shirt. Marge was always the patient parent, but Homer often  (become) angry. Then he  (attack) little Bart and  (try) to kill him for a few moments. Bart  (not - mind) that and  (make) his father angry on purpose.
When Bart  (become) a toddler, he  (get) a little sister: Lisa. Little Lisa Simpson  (look) a lot like her mother: she  (be) a cute, intelligent baby and she  (adore) her brother Bart. She  (follow) him and  (copy) him wherever he  (go). Bart  (hate) his sister, he  (ignore) her most of the time. But when that  (not - work), he even  (try) to kill her! It  (take) a while before Bart  (realise) that having a sister can be a lot of fun too! And from that moment on, he  (defend) her with all his heart. 

Based on the facts that you just read, you will notice that the following statements are all untrue. Rewrite the sentences by turning them into negative forms.  
Homer had a lot of girlfriends.
Marge lost her patience easily.
Bart ate well.
Lisa was a nasty kid.
Homer studied hard at school.
Patty and Selma liked Homer.
Homer and Marge married because they had to.
Marge helped to raise her twin sisters.
Homer bought a house in New York.
Bart and Lisa were both cute babies.
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For exercises concerning simple past questions, go to the next exercise.
Have fun... and good luck!