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Car Footprint

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Watch the video and choose the correct answers.


1 How are cars usually described?         


2 What is needed to produce cars?       


3 Which Ford make is not mentioned in the video?

4 Which of the following metals is not used to manufacture the body of a car?


5 Why is the footprint of a modern car global?  


6 How often are cars replaced in the US


7 How many miles does an average American drive yearly? 

8 How many tons of carbon emissions does an average American family produce every year?



Watch the video again and fill in the missing information in the following table.


Car Part

Country of Origin

Drive shaft, axle,

Ohio, USA


Brake, and suspension systems

Michigan, USA

Battery systems

Wisconsin, USA

Aluminium wheels



Pennsylvania, USA

Seatbelts, airbags

Zinc metals, chemicals, catalysts

Anti-block braking and  injection systems


Door and seat components



Stereo and wiring

, China




Unscramble the following phrases to create hilarious descriptions of some well-known car brands. Write the phrases in the boxes, then choose the brand names.


are u guess a Just rich                                                            

drive never owners Happy else anything                                           

daily repair or Fix                                                                       

Fix , it Tony again                                                                        

on luck every time Cheap , hardly efficient , virtually runs   

money wasted Big                                                                          

: understand you Hope inexpensive and drivable nothing's  

penny every eats Just                                                                 

everyone car road expensive Most Steve except drives  

always automobiles Swedish breakdown                         

weird Very