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  •   Write have or has :








1.- My parents a beautiful house in the city.

2.- I a fantastic apartment in Toronto.

3.- My father  a new job.

4.- My brother a lot of friends.

5.- They an English test tomorrow.

6.- This woman   seven children.

7.- We  a lot of money.

8.- They an ugly monster.

9.- My cousin  a new girlfriend.

10.- The pupil  an old pencil box.

11.- You  a different name.

12.- My teacher  glasses.


  •   Choose the correct answer:                                                                       

She _____ long hair.

a. is


c. has




He ______ sad.

a. is


c. has


He ______ angry.

a. is

c. has


He __ a  puzzle.

a. is


c. has


The dog __ a  bone.

a. is


c. has

The baby ___ hungry.

a. is

c. has

The boy __ a  kite.

a. is


c. has

The cat  _____ white.

a. is

c. has

Tom _____ books.

a. is


c. has


The man _____ fat.

a. is

c. has


  • Look at the picture and complete the sentences:  have or has / is or are                                                                

  1. Meet Ben and Penny. They  brother and sister.
  2. Ben  eleven  and Penny  eight years old.
  3. She  long hair and her brother   short hair.
  4.  They   going to school now. They   very happy.
  5. Penny  a new bicycle. She   a small toy mouse .
  6. Ben  a book and a pencil in his hand. He also  a ball.
  7. They  school bags today.
  8. Ben and Penny   good friends. They do all together.


                                                                                                                                                        by Victoria Barachman




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