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Present (simple, continuous, perfect) and Past (simple)

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Present (simple, continuous, perfect) and Past (Simple)Wink
1. Write opposites (positive or negative)

1.       I understand.

2.       He didn´t smoke.

3.       They are crying.

4.       She loved him.

5.       We have been here before.

6.       You don’t like me.

7.       She has never done it before.


2. Choose correct ending.

1. I got married
since 1986
in 1986
2. We have been married
since 1986
in 1986
3. Dinosaurs
lived in many parts of the world.
have lived in many parts of the world.
4. This is the first time
we met.
we´ve met.
5. That was the first time
we met.
we´ve met.
3. Complete these sentences with a verb from the list. Put the verb into the correct form, PAST SIMPLE or PAST PARTICIPLE.
cost           drive          fly             make        meet         sell          speak            swim        tell              wake
1. I have  some coffee. Would you like some?
2. I know Gary but I´ve never  his wife.
3. We were   up by a loud noise in the middle of the night.
4. She jumped into the river and   to the other side.
5. Many different languages are  in the Philippines.
6. Our holiday   a lot of money because we stayed in an expensive hotel.
7. Have you ever  a very fast car?
8. All the tickets for the concert were  very quickly.
9. Have you  John about your new job?
10. A bird  in through the open window while we were having our dinner.
4. Put in am/is/are/was/were.
1. Last year she  22, so she   23 now.
2. Today the weather  nice, but yeasterday it  cold.
3. I hungry. Can I have something to eat?
4. Where   you  at 11 o´clock  last Friday morning?
5. Don´t buy those shoes. They   too expensive.
6. This time last year I  in Paris.
7. We  tired when we arrived home, so we went to bed.
8. Where the children? I can´t see them.
5. Write questions.
I work hard.
Q.: Do I work hard?
They played football yesterday.
Q.: Did they play football yesterday?
1. She plays tennis.
2. They knew the answer.
3. He smoked yesterday.
4. You have seen Allan.
5. It is snowing outside.
6. Harry arrived on Monday morning.
7. He is a teacher.
6.  Put in the Present Perfect or Past Simple of the berbs in brackets.
1. They  (have) these shoes since my 18 birthday.
2. I  (tidy) my desk, but now it is in a mess again.
3. The last time I  (go) to Brighton was in August.
4. I´d like to meet a ghost, but I  (never / see) one.
5. I have finished my homework. I  (do) it before tea.
6. "You won´t believe this, but I have got some tickets for the concert. "
    "Oh, well done! How  (get/you) them?"
7. Rupert has left a message for you. He  (ring) last night.
8. Janet  (be) very ill 3 years ago.
9. We moved here in 1993. We  (be) here a long time now.
7. Decide which word is correct.
1. I would like to borrow this book. Has Anna read it ?
2. Ben writes very quickly. He´s  finished his essay.
3. "What are you going to do?"  "I don´t know. I haven´t decided
4. Have you  done any skiing?
5. My boyfriend hasn´t rung week.
6. I haven´t seen my parents  last Christmas.
7. This is the first  I have ever lived away from home.
8. This programme must be new. I have  seen it before.