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Vocabulary Revision
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Grammar Review for Beginners - 3-page review, 14 different exercises, fully editable, with keys included
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English Test(9th form End of Term 2 Test)(3 parts)Reading Comprehension: THE INTERNET/Grammar+Voc abulary/Writing(+Key )
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Age: 9-14
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Level: elementary
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Comparative & Superlative
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End of year revision - Class 6.
1. Write the questions to the answers.

 - My name is Jonathan.

 - I'm from Canada.
 - I'm 13 years old.
 - Yes, I have a brother.
 - I have got blue eyes.
 - Yes, I can speak a little bit English.
 - Yes, I can play the drums.
 - Yes, I do. I play volleyball at school.
 - I like listening to music and going to the cinema.

2. Put the expressions into the correct order.

 wake up
 go to school
 get up
 go to bed
 do the homework 
 go home
4 get dressed
8 have lunch
 meet friends
 have breakfast
 finish school
 have dinner
 have a shower

3. Present Simple

We always  (play) football after school.
She  (not have) lunch at school. She  home and  lunch at home.
When  you usually  up (get)?
Bill and Tony  (not like) basketball, they  (play) ice hockey.
Where  he  (live)?

4. Housework - Find 9 phrases.


5. Choose the right solution.

 half past five;  Monday;  the weekend;  spring;  March;  2011;  the 19th century

6. Crossword - Vocabulary

6 9
4 5 7
1. ünneplés
2. dekorál
3. élvez
4. szánkó
5. ajándék
6. meglátogat
7. kívánság
8. osztálykirándulás
9. unalmas

6. Animals - Body parts


6. Animals - Description

It is a . It has got colourful . It can , because it has got wide . It eats  with its big . It lays .

7. Pronouns

it it its
This is  best friend.  name is Sue. I like , because  is very kind.
Sue and I are in this photo. You can see  on the left.  are at John's birthday party.
Who is that boy? Do you know ? - Yes, it is Tony with  sister.  are Carol's cousins.
These are  hamsters. We keep  in a cage in the living room.  cage is really big, so I can't put  in my bedroom.

8. Present Continuous

Jackie  a book now. (read)
What  you  tonight? (do)
Jack and Peter  late today. (work)
Susan  (not listen) to music, she  her homework. (do)
 Mary  next to Kate. (sit)
9. Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
Andy sometimes  comics.
We never  TV in the morning.
Listen. Clara  in the bathroom.
My sister usually  in the kitchen.
My mother  the dinner.
Look. They  the car.
The students always  to school.
I  with my friends online now.

10. Food - Find 10 words

11. At the restaurant

 , please.

 I have a tuna sandwich please?


Yes, can I an apple pie, ?

Do you  anything to ?

Yes, a  of orange juice, please.

Is that ?

Yes, thank you.

That’s £ 12, please.

 you are.

Thank you.

12. Countable or uncountable + some/any

How  money do you have?

There is  ice cream in the fridge.

I have a  eggs, so I can bake a cake.

Have you got  rubbers?

There are  chairs in the room.

How  children are in the class?

She put too  salt in the soup.

There isn't  butter in the fridge. We must buy some.

I have a  time to watch the news.

13. The UK

What's the capital of the UK? -

Who is the head of the state? - The

Write the parts next to the capitals:

London - ; Cardiff - ; Edinburgh - ; Belfast -


14. Adjectives

 Match the opposites


1. strong

2. old

3. fast

4. tall

5. heavy

6. pretty

7. boring

8. empty

9. high

10. wet

11. long

12. easy

13. clean

14. good

15. quiet

16. thick

17. rich

18. dangerous

19. cheap

20. warm

21. happy






















This is a nice cat. It's much  than my friend's cat.
Emily is  than Peter, but Chris is the . (young)
He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the hobby in the world.
I read a good book, but my father gave me an even one last weekend.
Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is than skateboarding.
Tom's Maths exam was bad, but Liza's was even .
15. Weather

Today it is .

Saturday will be .

On Sunday it will .

Monday will be .

16. Films

coraston - ; sifci - ; helrirlt - ; momroc - ; yedocm - ;

wens - ; natyducomer - ; rohror - ; nocati lifm -

17. Arrange a meeting

Why  we go bowling today?

Good . What time?

 meet at half past 2.

Ok. Where shall we ?

Let's meet in the bus stop.

Ok. See you.