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WEATHER (winter)

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Complete the following sentences. Write only the letters that are missing.

1 There were dark clouds in the sky and then it started to r
2 Before we leave the house in the morning we always listen to wforecast.

3 The weather has turned to rain . It is ding.

4When the snow melts there are pon the streets.

5It pedwith rain from the early morning yesterday.

6The sky is dark, there are cin the sky.

7 In autumn it is often ch.

8Summers in Latviaare not very m.

9 When there is much snow on the streets people clean it and then there are s.

Decide which form of the word is required. Tick only the right box.


a) The weather is mist/misty.

b) When the snow begins to melt there is slush/sleet on the streets.

c) There are some clouds/cloudy in the sky.

d) I am afraid I do not like high winds/windy.

e) There is much snow/snowy in winter.

f) We always listen to weather forecast/news on TV.

g) When it rains a lot there are snowdrifts/puddles on the streets.

h) When the rain is not strong then we call it a downpour/drizzle.

i) When it is cool outside we can say that it is boiling/chilly.

j) When raindrops turn into small balls of ice we call them hailstones/fog.

k) A short spell of fine weather in autumn is called a fall/Indian summer.

l) When there is snow and rain falling from the sky we call it slush/sleet.

m) After rain we can see puddles/a rainbow in the sky.

Odd one out. Tick only the right box, the one that does not match.


slush, sleet, blizzard, scorching, snowdrifts;

b) drizzle, rainbow, puddles, shower, thaw, flood;

c) scorching, muggy, stifling, chilly, boiling;

d) haze, mist, vapor, fog, spell;

e) hail, gale, hurricane, breeze, blizzard.

Combine the collocations and study the common expressions

1. weather

2. pour

3. cloudy

4. Indian

5. mild

a) weather

b) climate

c) with rain

d) summer

e) forecast

Complete the following sentences.Write only the letters that are missing.

  1. When people clean snow in winter. There are son both sides of the road.
  2. There is a lot of son the ground in winter.
  3. I like to play sin winter.
  4. Little children usually make a sin their garden in winter.
  5. Snow falls in the form of s
  6. When strong wind blows and it snows at the same time, then we have a b.
  7. When the temperature drops below zero and it is very cold, we have f.
  8. There are ihanging from the roofs of the buildings in winter.
  9. When small cold balls of ice and snow fall from the sky, we have hor hfor short.
  10. When the temperature drops below zero, water f
  11. When you wear improper clothes in cold weather, then you might s.
  12. When there is ice on the road, the roads are s.
  13. When the temperature is cool and unpleasant, it is ch.
  14. When spring comes, the ground twe cannot say that it m
  15. When there is wet snow falling from the sky, There is s.
  16. When snow begins to melt, there is son the ground.