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The verb have is an irregular verb. The Present Simple is:

                                                                     I                              He  

                                         You                             She
                                         We                              It 


 Choose the correct answer:

  1. My dog  have /has a long tail.
  2. The coffee have/has milk in it.
  3. They have/has the correct answer.
  4. The flag of Israel have/has a star on it.
  5. I never have/has a clean room.
  6. The house have /has a lot of furniture.
  7. The water have/has a bad taste.

Fill in the blanks with: have / has 

  1. We  beautiful flowers in our garden.
  2. Jane  five new English books.
  3. I an expensive sport car.
  4. They a big villa not far from the beach .
  5. My sister  a lot of dolls in her room.
  6. My father a computer in his office.
  7. Sandra and I five pets .
  8. My mother a pretty orange bag.
  9. Orit some friends in Haifa.
  10. You  ten notebooks.
  11. I  a desk and two chairs in my bedroom.
  12. Robert a tall brother.
  13. These boys  blue eyes. 
  14. Dana  two pen pals in Australia.
  15. The pupils a new computer room .
  16. The dog   a very big doghouse.
  17. Bill Gates  a lot of money . 
  18. He  short blond hair .
  19. They  four tickets to the show .
  20. This girl  birthday in April .


 Read the text and fill in the blanks with:












My name  Karen. I ten years old.

 I a pupil  in the 6th grade. I a new school bag. It yellow, blue and red.
It  six pockets.

 In my school bag I have:

  • a red
  • a green
  • a blue
  • a white
  • a purple
  • a blue and orange

And you? What do you have in your school bag?

Your Homework is:
Writing Task What do you have in your school bag?
                           Thank you and
                                                              have a nice day!


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