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Dinosaurs - Part 1

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         Hello! Are you interested in dinosaurs? Then you're in the right place! Watch the video to the part where a song starts and do the first exercise.
1. True or false?                                                               T           F
     It's morning.                                                                            
     The boy is doing his homework.                                            
     His father is at home.                                                             
     His mother tells him to clean his room.                                 
     The boy's name is Phillip.                                                       
      He has to read a book on science.                                         
      He doesn't like listening to loud music.                                  
      He is sure that everything will be OK at school.                     
      His mother knows about his project.                                       
      He has to show his project on Monday.                                   
2. You are going to listen to the song now and you need to learn some new words. 
The Mesozoic Era was the time from 248 million to 65 million years ago. The Earth was very different then than it is now. The climate was warmer, the sea level was higher, and there was no polar ice. Even the shape of the continents on Earth was different.
We live in the Cenozoic Era that started 65 million years ago.
  to   escape hungry hoards unrecorded time plains fill the skies
mankind The elephant is plodding. clad with armour         spine    He missed entirely
3. Listen to the song and choose the right words.
                                                                                                       Mesozoic Mind

                                                                                              Give me a Mesozoic mind...a Mesozoic mind...

                                                               Last night I had a crazy ,
                                                               I fell out of my ,
                                                               I missed the  entirely,
                                                               and fell through  instead.
                                                               Through yesterday and history,
                                                               and unrecorded time,
                                                               a hundred years flew by,
                                                               to Mesozoic times.

                                                               I looked around,
                                                               and there I ,
                                                               that everything had changed.
                                                               The  was full of animals,
                                                               they all were very strange.
                                                               Those dinosaurs were ,
                                                               and every shape and size.
                                                               They walked the plains and ,
                                                               they even filled the skies.

                                                               Give me a Mesozoic mind,
                                                                me away from all mankind.
                                                               You can keep your Cenozoic,
                                                               But I'll take the Mesozoic,
                                                               Give me a Mesozoic .


                                                              Apatosaurus plodded past,
                                                              As  as any tree.
                                                              And Pterosaur flew through the ,
                                                              And monsters filled the sea.
                                                              A mighty Stegosaurus clad with armor down it's spine,
                                                              Raised their Camarasaurus, and others of our kind.

                                                              I hid behind a  of rock when Allosaurus roared
                                                             Corythosaurus ran away, escaping hungry hoards.
                                                             Diplodocus took just one step, and made the  shake.
                                                             I did not want my dream to end, I didn't wanna wake.