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Choose the correct word:

Who am I? Write the name of the animal.
1. I am long and dangerous - .
2. I am small and I like cheese - .
3. I swim in the water - .
4. I like bananas and I can climb trees - .
5. I am friendly and I like bones - .
Read the following story.

We have many animals in our class and at home. Let me tell you about some of them.

One boy, Ben, has a snake. It is long and thin and green. It is not very nice, but it isn�t dangerous. It is in a cage.

�������� �Two girls have cats. One cat is brown and white. The other cat is all black. Five pupils have dogs. Every dog is
��������� different in size and color. But they age all good pets. Seven pupils have small birds. One boy has three canaries.
��������� The other six have parakeets. Three children have fish. Rachel has an aquarium outside her garden, not inside her
��������� house.�It is full of goldfish, snails and frogs. It is really very nice.

We also have animals in our classroom. We have little white mice and brown hamsters.

��������� But they are in a cage � not all over the floor. The very best thing we have is a soft, brown and white rabbit.
��������� It's my favorite animal. Its name is Rab Rabbit and I love to touch and pet it.

Our teacher has animals in her house, too. She has a small dog, three birds and six monkeys.

��������� Monkeys? Oh! There aren�t monkeys in her house! She has six children. But her children are "wild animals"
��������� so she says she has "monkeys". Our teacher is funny. She has a sense of humor.

Choose the correct number

  1. ��� boy has a snake.
  2. � �� � girls have cats.
  3. ���� pupils have dogs.
  4. ���� pupils have birds.
  5. ���� children have�fish.

  • Tick True or False





Ben has a cat


The snake is dangerous


The dogs are different is size and��color���������������������������������


Rachel has fish


The animals in class are on the floor


Rab is a green frog


The teacher has animals in her house


The teacher has monkeys in her house

  • Describe the snake, the cats and the rabbit.������

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