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Choose the correct word:


Who am I? Write the name of the animal.
1. I am long and dangerous - .
2. I am small and I like cheese - .
3. I swim in the water - .
4. I like bananas and I can climb trees - .
5. I am friendly and I like bones - .
Read the following story.


We have many animals in our class and at home. Let me tell you about some of them.

One boy, Ben, has a snake. It is long and thin and green. It is not very nice, but it isn’t dangerous. It is in a cage. 

          Two girls have cats. One cat is brown and white. The other cat is all black. Five pupils have dogs. Every dog is
          different in size and color. But they age all good pets. Seven pupils have small birds. One boy has three canaries.
          The other six have parakeets. Three children have fish. Rachel has an aquarium outside her garden, not inside her
          house. It is full of goldfish, snails and frogs. It is really very nice.

We also have animals in our classroom. We have little white mice and brown hamsters.

          But they are in a cage – not all over the floor. The very best thing we have is a soft, brown and white rabbit.
          It's my favorite animal. Its name is Rab Rabbit and I love to touch and pet it.

Our teacher has animals in her house, too. She has a small dog, three birds and six monkeys.

          Monkeys? Oh! There aren’t monkeys in her house! She has six children. But her children are "wild animals"
          so she says she has "monkeys". Our teacher is funny. She has a sense of humor.



Choose the correct number

  1.     boy has a snake.
  2.        girls have cats.
  3.        pupils have dogs.
  4.        pupils have birds.
  5.       children have fish. 


  • Tick True or False





Ben has a cat


The snake is dangerous


The dogs are different is size and  color                                 


Rachel has fish


The animals in class are on the floor


Rab is a green frog


The teacher has animals in her house


The teacher has monkeys in her house

  • Describe the snake, the cats and the rabbit.