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Look at the pictures and choose the correct answer.

















1. Who is wearing green T-shirt and blue shorts?
2. What is Robert's favourite sport?
3. Who likes to play football?    
4. Who has got long brown hair?    
5. Skateboarding is    favoutite sport.
  Day in the summer camp. 
All the children who came to the sports camp like different kinds of sports. But there are many other
interesting things in the camp.Look at the pictures and tick the correct answer.











1. The girls are preparing for the music show. Picture 6 Picture 3
2. The children are making a birthday cake, Picture 4 Picture 3
3. Two children are playing on the sea shore. Picture 1  Picture 2
4. Some girls are doing the camp newspaper. Picture 5Picture 1
5. Two friends are having breakfast. Picture 1Picture 4
Choose what children like doing in their free time.






 She likes


 He likes

 She likes

 He likes

 They like

  Listen and enjoy!
There are children from many different countries. Try to guess and write the name of the country.





 She is from

 She is from

 She is from

They are from





 He is from

He is from 

 She is from

 She is from

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