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Get in & Get on

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If we are physically on it, it we use on

The boy is on his bike.

The man is on his skis.

They are on the motorcycle.


If we can walk around inside it, we use on.

The kids are on the train.

The pilot is on the plane.

The children are on the bus.

It's fun to be on a ship.


                        If we can't walk around inside it, we use in.

The man is in his car.

The driver is in his taxi.

The girl is in the van.

     Fill in the blanks with get in or get on.
                       Remember to add an s if the subject is he, she or it - gets in or gets on
1. The children  the bus to go to school.
2. The driver helped the old lady  the taxi.
3. The little boy  his bike and pedals the whole morning.
4. We will  a train and travel across Canada.
5. In the morning, dad  his car and goes to work.
6. The pirates  their ship and sail away.
7. The girl  her red wagon and daddy pulls her.
8. The pilot puts on his uniform,   the plane and flies away.
9. Every afternoon my brother  his motorbike and goes to the park.
10. On Sundays. dad   his small boat and rows for an hour.
  - Do we get on or get in ? Choose the correct option.

Get on  Get in

Get on   Get in

Get on  Get in

Get on   Get in

Get on  Get in


Get on  Get in

Get on  Get in

Get on   Get in

Get on  Get in

Get on  Get in

-  If you got in you  get out.       If you got on you get off.
                       Write get out or get off in the correct places.

We  the bus.

We  of the taxi.

We  of the car.

We  the airplane.


We  of a lorry.

We  the train.

We  of the van.

 We  the bike.

                                                                                                               Good job!
                                                                                                                   Anna Pessoa