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Get in & Get on

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If�we are physically on it,�it�we useon.�

The boy is on his bike.

The man is on his skis.

They are on the motorcycle.

If�we�can walk around inside it,�we�useon.

The kids are on the train.

The pilot is on the plane.

The�children are on the bus.

It's fun to be on a ship.

����������������������� If�we�can't walk around inside it,�we�usein.

The man is in his car.

The�driver is in his taxi.

The girl is in the van.

���� Fill in the blanks with get in or get on.
���������������������� Remember to add an s if the subject is he, she or it - gets in�or gets on
1. The children �the bus to go to school.
2. The driver helped the old lady �the taxi.
3. The little boy �his bike and pedals the whole morning.
4. We will �a train and travel across Canada.
5. In the morning, dad �his car and goes to work.
6. The pirates �their ship and sail away.
7. The girl��her red wagon and daddy pulls her.
8.�The pilot puts on his uniform,� �the plane and flies away.
9. Every afternoon my brother��his�motorbike and goes to the park.
10. On Sundays. dad� �his small boat and rows for an hour.
� - Do we get on or get in ? Choose the correct option.

Get on �Get in

Get on Get in

Get on �Get in

Get on Get in

Get on �Get in

Get on �Get in

Get on �Get in

Get on Get in

Get on �Get in

Get on �Get in

-� If you got in you� get out.����� �If you got on you get off.
���������������������� Write get out or get off in the correct places.

We �the bus.

We �of the taxi.

We �of the car.

We �the airplane.

We �of a lorry.

We �the train.

We �of the van.

We �the bike.

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