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Muzzy Comes Back (part 2)

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Muzzy Comes Back (2)

1. Insert "some", "any", or "no":
1) Is there one outside?
2) I can't see one there.
3) There's one inside.
4) I can't hear one.
5) Now I can hear one.
6) There is one there.
7) Can one see me?
8) one can see me.
2. Complete the sentences using adverbs.
1) The queen asked Timbo to greet the guests .
2) The queen asked Timbo to take her coat .
3) The queen asked Timbo to put her coat down .
4) The queen asked Timbo to open the door gently and .
3. Choose the correct answer:
1. What was the main dish of the party?
2. What could Corvax do?
3. Who stole Amanda?
4. Who broke the clock?
5. How did Corvax and Timbo escape?
4. Present Progressive. Fill in the missing words:
1. What happening?
2. Someone is the door.
3. She going that way.
4. What he ?
5. He listening.
6. Now he is at the clock.
7. Now he is inside.
5. Past Simple. Choose the correct form of the verb.
 I to the clock, then I at it.
I the door, then I it.
I upstairs and the clockall right.