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Grammar Intermediate

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GRAMMAR (       /40 marks)


I. Tenses: Put the verb in brackets in the correct tense. 5 marks


Mrs. Jones (1)__________ (drive) along a country road when she (2)__________ (see) a man at the side of the road. He (3)___________ (wave) and pointing at his car. Mrs. Jones (4)__________ (stop) and (5)__________ (ask) the man if he was alright.


II. Auxiliary Verbs: Complete the sentence with the correct form of be, do, or have in the positive or negative. 5 marks

6. That’s Peter over there. He __________ wearing a red jacket.

7. ‘__________ you ever been to Spain?’

8. ‘Where __________ you live?’   ‘I live in New York.’

9. Tea __________ grown in India and China.

10. Who _________ you play tennis with yesterday?




III. Question Formation: Look at the chart.                                          (5 marks)



Sarah and Ali










Holiday last year

1 week in France

A month in Turkey

Next holiday

2 weeks in Spain

3 weeks in Tunisia


Using the information in the chart, write an appropriate question:

1. ____________________________________________________________

They come from Britain.

2. ____________________________________________________________

He lives in Rome.

3. ____________________________________________________________


4. ____________________________________________________________

2 weeks

5. ____________________________________________________________

He is a teacher.

IV. Correct the sentences: There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find it and write the corrected sentence below. 5 marks

1. I am born in 1403h.



2. Ali is a police officer. He have to wear a uniform.


3. We didn’t allowed to wear jewellery at school.



4. I no could walk until I was 2 years old.



5. Student: ‘Must I to do my homework?’



V. Word Formation: Write the nationality or the profession. 5 marks

1. Spain __________     2. China __________     3. Egypt __________

4. painting __________     5. sick people __________


VI. Conditionals: Using the prompts, write a sentence in either the first or the second conditional. 5 marks


1. ‘I don’t have any money. If I / have / some money, I / buy / you lunch.’



2. ‘If I / have / more time, I / help / you.’



3. A. ‘I’ve lost my bag.’

    B. ‘If I / find it, I / bring it to you.’



4. ‘If the weather in Dubai / be / better, I / go / on holiday / there.’



5. ‘If Riyadh / be / closer, I / visit / there / more often.’


VII. Time Expressions: Complete the sentences with in, on, at, ago, for, since, or nothing. 5 marks

1. His grandmother died five years _________ and he still misses her.

2. _________ you retired, you have been very busy.

3. We always eat lunch _________ 2.00pm.

4. What are you doing _________ next Friday?

5. I graduated from university _________ 2010.


VIII. Phrasal Verbs: Match a verb from ‘A’ with an adverb or preposition from ‘B’ to complete the sentences. Put the verbs in the correct form. (5 marks)                       














1. You are wasting electricity. Please turn the lights _________.

2. We _________ from Jeddah airport at a quarter past one and landed in Ta’if less than one hour later.

3. I was talking to my mother on the mobile phone when we were suddenly _________.

4. I have my parents’ permission to _________ with my friends tomorrow.

5. Can you please go to the Post Office and _________ my mail?


VOCABULARY (      /20marks)


I. Match the sentence beginnings and endings. Write the letter in the correct box. (5 marks)