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                                                                               COMPLETE THE TEXT WITH THE GIVEN WORDS:
 haute couture, styles, fabrics, catwalk, trends, collection, fashion shows, models , tastes, stylish
                                                  Once a year each fashion house presents its spring to an eager
                                                  public. At  in Paris and Milan , top parade  down
                                                    the  and show off the latest .These shows do not
                                                     dictate what the world will wear , but they are influential in determining the
                                                      season’s fashion . Clothing manufacturers see the shows and
                                                      imitate the colours and the  of the garments that the models wear.
                                                       Everyone wants to be  and the spring shows help people choose
                                                      the clothes they will buy. Whether showing “ pret –a-porter or expensive
                                                                              , the great fashion houses influence our.