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It´s a small world

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Disney - It's a small world
It's a world of  , a world of   
it's a world of , its a world of
there's so much that we
that it's time we're
its a small world after all

it's a small world after all
it's a small world after all
it's a small world after all
it's a small, small world

There is just one   and one golden 
And a   means friendship to everyone.
Though the   divide
And the   are wide
It's a small small world


 Choose the correct word
1. { Italy   Italian } is a beautiful country.
2. I want to learn { Italy Italian } before I go there.
3. I met many {China  Chinese } people on my last trip to  China Chinese.
4. In { Jordan   Jordanian } people speak {Arab  Arabic}.
5. I love {  Mexico   Mexican} food.
6. People who live in {  Holland  Dutch } are called {  Holland  Dutch).
 Match a flag to a country. Choose the name of the country.
1.       2.   3.    4.
5.      6.     7.         8.
9.    10.
   What is my Capital city ?
The USA  -   New York      Washington D.C.     Los Angeles
Israel     -  Tel Aviv           Haifa                     Jerusalem
Spain      -   Madrid          Barcelona                Valencia
China -        Tianjin            Beijing                    Wuhan
Germany  -   Munich            Berlin                     Hamburg
Italy     -     Milan            Rome                       Palermo
 Orit ;-)