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Degrees of adjectives

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Put in the right form of the adjective.

1-Today is the � day of the year. (hot)
2-Tom drives a very � car. (fast)
3-It was the � night I remember. (good)
4-It is in the countryside than in the town. (quiet)
5- John is going to buy an house next month. (expensive)
6-These boys are than the ones I met before. (friendly)
7-Jane is as her sister. (beautiful)
8-This place is����� of all. (picturesque)
9-Some places are than others. (dangerous)
10-My mother always likes to wear the clothes. (extravagant)
11-It is often� at night in Summer. (cold)
12-Which do you like �: fish or meat? (good)
13- This is the horror film I've ever seen. (bad)
14-A bike is �than a motor-cycle. (slow)
15-I think this film is of the year. (interesting)