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Ice Age 3

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1. Watch the movie trailer.

2. Watch it again and put the script in the correct order (numbers: 1-30)
 The biggest event in two million years is about to go to a whole new dimension...
 - If you don't spit out little Johnny , we're leaving the playground this instant! There we are. a picture of health!
 - Well, better than nothing!  Scrat and introducing Scratte... This summer...
 - We've been living  above an entire world, and we didn't even know it.
 - Nobody move a musle.
 - Maybe you're hungry... I know just the thing.
 ... for the dawn of a new age... Ice Age: Dawn of the dinosaurs...
 - Earthquake!!!
 - I feel so... puny.
 Get ready...
 Greatest heroes in history will boldly go where no other mammals would dare...
 - I'm too young to be eaten!
 - Hush, hush, you mean, vicious animal, I'm your baby and this is my... milk!
 - For the record, I blame you for this.  - Talk to the trunk.
 - Ahhhhhh! I thought you were a female!
 - Sid , whatever you're doing , it's a bad idea.
 Denis Leary...
 - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
 - Momma!  - I'm a mummy.
 Ray Romano...
 - That's not Little Johnny.
 ... and Queen Latifah...  - He'll bounce back , it's one of the advantages of beeing Sid.
 On July 4th...
 - Ellie!
 John Leguizamo...
 Only in theaters, 4th of July weekend, in digital 3D.
                                                    By Mica Boron