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Prepositions of Place

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                Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:
         in       into    over    above    beside     on      at       front     under      inside      between     below
1.    The bike is  the wall the basement.
2.    The sun is  the house Main Street Ridgetown.
3.    The people are the table the dining room.
4.    The stairs are _the bathroom the second floor.
5.    The bedroom is  the attic the third floor.
6.    The washing machine is the dryer.
7.    The steps are in  of the door.
8.    The tools are the peg board.
9.    The peg board is the basement.
10.  The basement is  the house.
11.  The shower curtain is  the tub.
12.  The cupboards are  the counter.
13.  The roof is  the house.
14.  The books are the book case.
15.  The woman is putting something the oven.
16.  The dresser is the mirror.
17.  The shelf is the washing machine and table.
18.  The box is the table the basement.
19.  The dishes are the china cabinet the dining room.
20.  The kitchen is the first floor the house.
21.   The computer is the room the third floor the attic.