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Prepositions of Place

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��������������� Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:
���������in�������into��� over�� �above��� beside���� on����� at����� �front��� �under���� �inside����� between�����below
1.��� The bike is��the wall the basement.
2.��� The sun is �the house Main Street Ridgetown.
3.��� The people are the table the dining room.
4.��� The stairs are _the bathroom the second floor.
5.��� The bedroom is��the attic the third floor.
6.��� The washing machine is the dryer.
7.��� The steps are in �of the door.
8.��� The tools are the peg board.
9.��� The peg board is the basement.
10.� The basement is �the house.
11.� The shower curtain is �the tub.
12.� The cupboards are �the counter.
13.� The roof is �the house.
14.� The books are the book case.
15.� The woman is putting something the oven.
16.� The dresser is the mirror.
17.� The shelf is the washing machine and table.
18.� The box is the table the basement.
19.� The dishes are the china cabinet the dining room.
20.� The kitchen is the first floor the house.
21.�� The computer is the room the third floor the attic.