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Prepositions of place
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Age: 10-17
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People and Places in the Neighbourhood
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School Places and People
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City and Country
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Age: 3-10
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1) READ, LOOK and COMPLETE the crossword!
1 5


1) Moose lives in

2) Koala is from
3) Zebra comes from
4) Bulldog lives in
5) Eagle loves The
6) Kiwi is from
2) FIND�6 room names and WRITE them down next to the correct picture. REPEAT!�


3) LOOK AT the pictures and CHOOSE the correct preposition to complete the text.
�The ball is �the teddy-bear and the box.
���The ball is �the box.���� ��The ball is �the box
�� The ball is �the box.����� ��The ball is �the box.
�� The ball is �the box.�������� ��The ball is �the box.�