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Beautiful Animals

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The Panda Bear

1) READ and CHOOSE the correct answer.
Hello! I'm a panda bear. I live in China. I'm big and hairy. I'm strong but friendly. I've got a big head and small ears. I've got black and white fur. I don't like meat or fruits... I only eat bamboo leaves! I can walk, run and climb. I can't fly.
1. Where does the panda bear live?
2. Is it small?
3. Is it hairy?
4. Pandas are dangerous.   
5. What colour is the panda bear?
6. What does it eat?
7. Can it climb?
8. Can it fly?
9. Has it got a small head?
10. Has it got small ears?  
                                       The Sea Horse
2) LOOK, READ and CHOOSE the words to complete the description.
         This  a sea horse.  is small and . It  a long mouth and a curly tail. It  eggs. It  swim but it  walk. It lives in the . It is .
                          see you soon!!!