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Passive Voice

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Present simple and past simple passive voice worksheet preview
Present simple and past simple passive voice

Passive voice present and past worksheet preview
Passive voice present and past

My wallet was stolen worksheet preview
My wallet was stolen

Passive voice worksheet preview
Passive voice

PASSIVE VOICE TEST worksheet preview

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Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.
1. Mary is eating a cake at the moment. .
2. Tom has already washed the car. .
3. We make a cake every Sunday. .
4. Susan will visit the museum. .
5. Many people can speak English. .
6. My brother rides a bike every afternoon. .
7. Ted is driving a car. .
8. Matt broke the windows yesterday. .
9. The boys released a new album last month. .
10. Shakespeare wrote many plays. .
11. My Dad has bought new CDs. .
12. They make cars in Germany. .
13. Cyclists should wear helmets. .
14. They have sold all the tickets for the performance. .
15. The postman delivered the letters. .
Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or past simple, active or passive.
1. My boss's letters  (type) by his secretary every morning.
2. The factory workers  (give) a bonus last month.
3. The performance  (start) at 8.00 tonight.
4. The criminal  (interview) last night.
5. Why  (Paul resign) from his job? Didn't he like it?
6. Who  (go) to the zoo last weekend?
7. A practice test  (give) to us every fifteen days.
8. My neighbours always  (bother) me. They make too much noise.
9. We  (allow) to go to the party yesterday.
10. The dog  (eat) too much every day.
11. Coffee  (grow) in Brazil.
12. He wedding dress  (design) especially for her while she was in France.
13. Our neighbours  (feed) our cats while we are away.
14. My house  (decorate) last month.
15. This car  (own) by a rich man who lives next boor.