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Passive Voice

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Rewrite the sentences in the passive voice.
1. Mary is eating a cake at the moment. .
2. Tom has already washed the car. .
3. We make a cake every Sunday. .
4. Susan will visit the museum. .
5.�Many people can�speak English. .
6. My brother rides a bike every afternoon. .
7. Ted is driving�a car. .
8. Matt broke the windows yesterday. .
9. The boys released a new album last month. .
10. Shakespeare wrote many plays. .
11. My Dad has bought new CDs. .
12. They make cars�in Germany. .
13. Cyclists should wear helmets. .
14. They have sold all the tickets for the performance. .
15. The postman delivered the�letters. .
Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or past simple, active or passive.
1. My boss's letters �(type) by his secretary every morning.
2. The factory workers �(give) a bonus last month.
3. The performance �(start) at 8.00 tonight.
4. The criminal �(interview) last night.
5. Why �(Paul resign) from his job? Didn't he like it?
6. Who �(go) to the zoo last weekend?
7. A practice test �(give) to us every fifteen days.
8. My neighbours always �(bother) me. They make too much noise.
9. We �(allow) to go to the party yesterday.
10. The dog �(eat) too much every day.
11. Coffee �(grow) in Brazil.
12. He wedding dress �(design) especially for her while she was in France.
13. Our neighbours �(feed) our cats while we are away.
14. My house �(decorate) last month.
15. This car �(own) by a rich man who lives next boor.