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CAN/CAN'T +Sense Verbs

1) WATCH and CHOOSE the best option to complete the sentences:


a. Gargamel can't catch the smurfs so we  his rage.

b. Smurf girl  some beautiful flowers so she wants to pick them up. But Clumsy smurf  her and pushes her into a hole. Then he falls too. They both shout for help... but the other smurfs  them. Suddenly a horrible dog  the two smurfs and the dog's master catches them and puts them in a cage. He wants the smurfs to be a part of his circus. But smurf girl  some flowers and leaves their petals for the other smurfs to find them. Papa Smurf and the other smurfs are looking for clumsy and smurf girl but they  them. Then Papa smurf  human footprints and the petals and the logs. They decide to follow the tracks to find them...
In the meantime, Clumsy and Smurf girl practice some tricks but they  them! The ugly dog  the ball on its head. The man is angry...
                                               To be continued...
2) FIND the words to complete the sentences. 

      a. I can't  if the lights are off.

      b. I can  with my hands.
      c. I can  with my nose.
      d. He wants to  mum's cookies!
      e. I can't  that music.
                                                                        HAVE FUN!!!!