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1      1.  Add two words to these series:

      1.     Science lab, computer room,     ,

      2.     P.E., Science,  ,

      3.     Monday, Saturday,  ,
      2. Complete the sentences with one of these words:
this                     subject                         time                          his                          those                     gym                    our                      her
  1.    English teacher’s name is Mr Davis.
  2. pen is red. I need a blue one.
  3. What is your favourite ?
  4. What  is the ICT class? – At twelve o’clock.
  5. are the sports fields. We play football and basketball.
  6. PE is in the 
  7. My mother is a teacher.  name is Laura.    
  8.  Where’s Ben dog? -  dog is in the garden.


   1.     Complete with the right form of the verb ‘TO BE’.

          Hello! My name  1 Mary. I  2 twelve years old. I have got a little brother. He  3 only three. I have got a lot of friends but my best friends  4 Ann, Dan and Tom. I play with them every day.
       It  5 Sunday today. I 6 with my family. My family and I  7 at the beach. But where  8 my friends? Ann   9 at home. Dan and Tom  10 in the park.

    2.   Write the following sentences in interrogative and in negative.

    1.     His dog is white.                                                   2.  They are students


    3.    You are in the garden                                          4.   I am happy.
    ?                                                 ?

           3. Complete  with the right INTERROGATIVE PRONOUN. 
                     1.  is your best friend?           - Paul
                     2.  is your favourite school sport?   - Football
                     3. is your school?         – It’s in Teruel.
                     4.  are your English lessons?    – On Monday and Tuesday
                     5.  is she happy?            – Because she has got a new friend
                     6.  old is your mother?    - Forty years old.

6                4.   Complete with the right preposition: IN / AT / ON.
1.                    1   the morning                         6.   half past two.
2.                    Saturday night.                    7.   1990.
3.                   3  summer.                                 8.  1st August.
4.                   4  my birthday.                         9.    midnight.
5.                  5   September.                           10.  Monday.


1.       Read the following text. Are the sentences TRUE or FALSE?: 

          Dear Elena,
       Thanks for the letter. I really like my new secondary school. It’s an old school. There are   about 350 students so it’s not very big. There are only 20 students in my class and I have a lot of friends. Classes are from 9.00 to 3.30. We have a 20 minute break at 11.00 and a 45 minute lunch break. I have lunch at school in the canteen. We have ten different subjects and my favourite subject is Spanish! The teacher’s name is Señora Campos. There’s a big library with lots of books and computers and a good gym where we do PE. There are also science labs and a computer room. The only bad thing is the homework. We have lots and lots.      
        Write soon.
        Love Charlie

1.     Charlie goes to primary school. 
2.     The school is small. 
3.     His class is very big.
4.     There is a 45 minute break in the morning.
5.     Charlie has lunch at school. 
6.     He likes Spanish. 
7.     There isn’t a computer room. 
8.     He hasn’t got homework.