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Prepositions of Place
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������ Read Polly�s postcard and write the missing words. Use ONE word only in each space. Sometimes more than one answer is correct.

This is our first real holiday ages, and I�m enjoying it tremendously. I love being an island. We arrived here almost a week , and I can�t believe the time is going so fast. We finally completed the journey here Friday evening about eleven o�clock. The journey wasn�t too bad, but we had to wait ages the airport for our flight.

Our apartment here is fine. It�s the top floor. The beach isn�t far away � we can walk there five minutes. The only problem is that we have got to get a busy main road, which can be difficult.

We don�t do much the day, but we go out every evening. Last night�s disco went on very late, and today we slept eleven.