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They were busy

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����������������� �������������
��������������� Past Continuous Tense: I (he, she,it) was sleeping the whole day yesterday.
��������������������������������������������������� We ( you, they)were sleeping the whole day yesterday.
1.Write was or were under the pictures:

�The grandma�washing dishes.

�The boy�fishing.

�The twin sisters�jumping rope.

�The baby �sleeping.

�The boy

clapping hands.

2.Write what the people were doing yesterday. Use the words from the word bank.

�Hethe floor



�The pupil�for the principal

�He�computer games


�The boy �to the music

�The kids

Word bank:

was sweeping

�was waiting

were kissing

was listening

were cooking

was playing

were dancing

3.The reporter was taking pictures of kids' activities in summer camp.Write the correct sentence.

�The students


Some kids football


The boy in the pool.


The girl to the�music

4. The kids�were at the zoo. They were watching the animals.�Tick what animals were doing.

The sebra

was running

were running

The koala

were climbing

was climbing�

�The monkey

was jumping

were jumping

�The tigers

was walking

were walking

�The giraffe

was playing

were playing

5. Choose the correct pronouns.
��� Father came back home and everybody were busy.

was playing with a ball

were laughing

was cooking

was drinking milk

was riding a bike

�6.Answer the questions what people were doing yesterday.Write the names.
���� a) Who�was drinking coffee?
���� b) Who�was reading a newspaper?
�����c)� Who was dancing?

���������������� �Anna

������������ ����� Maria

����������������� Robert

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