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Use Can/Canīt

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Unit 3

                                             CAN AND CAN’T-/DO/DON’T

     Grammar Table        

                                                                                                                          AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES

                                                                                                        SWIM IN THE POOL               

I/YOU/WE/THEY                         CAN                                        JUMP IN THE JUNGLE

SHE/HE/IT                                                                                    DO THE HOMEWORK            

                                                                                                                                NEGATIVE SENTENCES

I/YOU/WE/THEY                                                                        PLAY FOOTBALL.

SHE/HE/IT                                  CAN’T                                     SEE THE BIRD IN THE TREE.

                                                                                                     SING VERY WELL.

                                                                                                                              INTERROGATIVE FORM

CAN                 I/YOU/WE/THEY/SHE/HE/IT           SWIM                          ?

                                                                                                 RUN                           ?

                                                                                                JUMP                    ?


+YES, I/YOU/WE/THEY/SHE/HE/IT      CAN                                                 

-NO,  I/YOU/WE/THEY/SHE/HE/IT      CAN’T          


1. Say what you can do or can’t do. Choose can or can’t according to you.


a. I speak Chinese.


b. I sing very well.


c. I run 20 kilometres.


d. I ride a bicycle.


e. I play basket.


f. I swim.


g. Iunderstand my teacher of English.


h. I dance “Rock&Roll”.


A) Answer the questions.

1-Can you swim?

2-What can the boy do in the picture (2)?

3-Can you play chess?

4-Can you run 10 kilometres?

5-Can you drive a car?

6-Can you ride a horse?

Click on the underlined words/phrases.

Example: play / they / computer games / can

Answer: play / they / computer games / can
Can they play computer games?

1) she the trumpet play can

2) can write e-mails they

3) TV can I watch

4) climb the cat can the tree

5) can pictures brother your draw

6) parrot can talk the

7) when you come can

8) do can we what

9) have can lunch where our friends

10) sing your sister how can