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Outing in the Grand Canyon - íDoís and Donítís

1. What can you do when you visit the Grand Canyon? Match the suggestions with the pictures.

a) b) c) d) e)

f) g) h) i)
j) k) l) m) n)

List of sugesstions:

1) Take a boat ride in the Colorado River.

2) Get information from a park ranger.

3) Look through a telescope.

4) Go jogging.

5) Watch the sunset.

6) Go bird watching.

7) Take a hike.

8) Take photos of the scenery.

9) Take a mule trip to the canyon floor.

10) Paint a picture of the canyon.

11) Take a sunbath but put on suntan lotion. f

12) Have a picnic.

13) Take a nap.

14) Collect rock specimens.

15) Go swimming.

16) Take a bike ride.

2. Now, letís see what you shouldnít do when you visit the Grand Canyon? Match the advice with the pictures.

a) b) c) d)

e) f) g) h) i)
j) k) l)

List of advice:

1) Donít slip on a rock.

2) Donít fall off the rim.

3) Donít get attacked by a mountain lion.†

4) Donít get kicked by a mule.

5) Donít run out of water.

6) Donít get hit by a falling rock.

7) Donít get hit by lightning.

8) Donít get sunstroke.

9) Donít catch poison ivy.

10) Donít pick up a poisonous lizard.

11) Donít eat wild mushrooms.†

12) Donít step on a snake.

13) Donít drown in the Colorado River.