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Year 7 vocabulary Quiz "Eat for Life"

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Year 7 Unit 6 Vocabulary Quiz 

Eat for Life

Part 1

beef, breakfast, cereal, comparison, consistency, consume, curry, essential, exercise, prefer


1.        n. the nature of a substance, such as a thick liquid being thick or thin, smooth or lumpy

2.        v. to use a lot of fuel, energy or time; formal to eat or drink, especially a lot of something

3.        n. a type of food from India, made of vegetables or meat cooked with hot spices

4.        n. activity to make your body strong and healthy; or written work that helps you learn

5.       n. a food that is made from grain and eaten with milk, especially in the morning

6.        n. the food you eat in the morning after you wake up

7.        n. the meat of a cow

8.        adj. necessary; needed

9.        n. when something is considered similar or equal quality to something else

  10.   v. to like, choose or want one thing rather than another
Part 2

combine, fried, healthy, much, process, pure, research, suggest, traditional, waiter


1.        adj. good for your health

2.        det. often or a lot

3.        adj. cooked in hot oil or fat

4.        n. a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result

5.        n. a man who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers

6.        v. to mention an idea, possible plan or action for other people to consider

7.        adj. not mixed with anything else, clean and free from harmful substances

8.        v. to (cause to) exist together, or join together to make a single thing or group

9.        n. a detailed study of a subject to discover information or reach a new understanding

  10.  adj. following the customs that have continued in a society for a long time without changing