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Year 8 Vocabulary Quiz "Have Fun"

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Year 8 Unit 6 Vocabulary Quiz

Have Fun!
Part 1

examine, facetious, fiasco, have fun, interesting, make a fool of yourself, make a funny face, mimic, resist


1.        v. to behave in a silly or embarrassing way

2.        v. to make a silly expression with your face in order to make people laugh

3.        n. something planned that turns out to be a complete failure, usually in an embarrassing way

4.        v. to copy the way in which a person speaks and moves in order to make people laugh

5.        n. clever, dishonest talk or behaviour which is used to deceive people

6.        v. to enjoy yourself

7.        v. to look at someone or something very carefully

8.        adj. something interesting keeps your attention because it is unusual or exciting

  9.   v. to fight against something, to refuse to accept or be changed by something
Part 2

artful, cash, chicanery, escape, hairstyle, have a good laugh, occasionally

have a good time, make fun of someone, practical joke, rarely


1.        n. money in any form

2.        adv. sometimes but not often

3.        v. to enjoy yourself

4.        v. to laugh a lot and enjoy yourself

5.        n. the way in which someone arranges their hair

6.        v. to get free from something, or to avoid something

7.        adv. not often

8.        adj. clever and skillful, especially in getting what you want

9.        v. to make an unkind joke about someone

 10.   n. a trick using actions and not words to make people laugh